Ways you can help

Thank you for taking interest in ListWiki. Below is a list of ways that you can help us grow our wonderful library of lists.

We love your ideas

Have an idea for a list, but don't know what should be on it? You can request a list using our Request List page and our contributors will be happy to put it together.

Roll your own

Have an idea for a list? Add it to our collection and share with your friends! ListWiki welcomes both just-for-fun style lists as well as factual lists.

Pictures make lists beautiful

Every list and every item on a list can have a picture associated with it. Contributors do not always choose to add pictures while creating a list, so we have created a tool which allows you to quickly add pictures to all lists and list entries that do not have one set.

Welcome, Officer Netizen

Every edit to ListWiki is recorded and listed on the recent changes page. To prevent vandalism and other misbehavior, contributers are encouraged to "patrol" the edits of others. It's as simple as looking at the changes that were made and marking the edit as valid or invalid. If the edit is invalid, the previous version can easily be restored.